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Leveling concrete was never easier... 
or faster.

At last! A low cost, portable concrete vibrator that attaches to a screed board to level concrete easier and faster.

It's the revolutionary Screed VibeŽ which not only levels the concrete but settles the aggregate in one smooth operation.

In fact, this vibrating action causes the finishing paste to rise to the surface without hand troweling. It leaves the surface ready for floating and finish trowling or brooming. Cuts down on waiting time.

Now, backbreaking jitterbugging and seesawing are eliminated because the Screed VibeŽ makes the whole job so much easier and faster.

The Screed VibeŽ helps prevent lost jobs that can occur on hot summer days. Use it even when low slump concrete is specified.

What's more, there are no more honeycomb edges. The fast vibrating action of the Screed Vibe eliminates voids and weak spots.

Typical honeycomb edge.

Powerful oscillation settles the concrete.

To make work even easier, the Screed VibeŽ has a natural tendency to pull or walk in the direction of the pour.

The Screed VibeŽ weighs only 23 pounds. It can be easily carried to any job.

It quickly clamps onto any wood or metal screed board. The Screed VibeŽ works best on metal screeds up to 20 feet in length or on wood screeds up to about 16 feet.

There's no need to use bulky, gas powered screeds. The lightweight, efficient Screed VibeŽ can be used wherever electricity is available. Its built-in 20 foot cord puts it where you want it, easily.

Versatile Screed VibeŽ can be used for all types of concrete jobs.

Side Wall Forms or Steps
To eliminate honeycombing and air pockets use vibrator attached to a short 2 x 4 and hold against form, or attach directly to form.

Precast Forming
Compacts and helps remove air bubbles; makes stronger concrete. Just attach the Screed VibeŽ to the form.

Flagstone Laying for Patios
Pour floor, lay flagstones on cement, place vibrator board across stones and vibrate stones into place for a smooth, professional job.

Round Bin Floors
For circular grain bin floors, etc., stake or peg center of 2 x 6 board, mount Screed VibeŽ 1/3 of the way in from the form, and Screed VibeŽ will walk the board around the circle.

Epoxy Polymer Concrete
Install, using thin metal strips along each edge as runners for the screed board to ride on. To achieve best results, a magnesium screed board is recommended for a straight smooth finish. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH FLAMMABLE MATERIAL THAT COULD BURN OR EXPLODE.

Model S-5000 Screed VibeŽ Specifications
120 Volts AC 50/60HZ
1.1 Amps
Total Enclosed Non Ventilated Brush Type DC (BRIDGE RECTIFIED) - 2300 RPM
Extruded, tempered aluminum
Power Cord
20 foot with all-weather toggle switch - fully grounded 3-wire plug.
Operation Characteristics
2x6 wooden board (up to 16 feet) or aluminum or magnesium screed board (up to 20 feet)

U.S. Patent No. 4073593
U.S. Patent No. 4359296

Limited Warranty
Cronkhite Industries, Inc., warrants the Screed VibeŽ to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase. Warranty for electrical components, including motor is limited to ninety (90) days from date of purchase. Warranty is limited to replacing or repairing said part(s) when such part(s) is determined to be defective by manufacturer and returned to the company at Danville, Illinois, prepaid. On warranty claims, please provide proof of purchase.
Cronkhite Industries, Inc., assumes no responsibility for damage developing from normal wear, accident, misuse, or unauthorized repair.
Cronkhite Industries, Inc., makes no other warranty except as set forth above and will not be liable for damage to persons or property resulting from the use of this product. 
20 ft. built-in 3-wire cord for remote operation. Specially selected, high speed motor develops perfect torque. Sturdy heavyweight shroud protects motor on the job All-weather toggle switch is conveniently located to be near worker. Hand tightening clamps for speed and convenience. Clamps tightly against wooden, aluminum, or magnesium screed boards. Extruded, tempered aluminum housing insures rigidity and long life. Bearings have zerks mounted for easy maintenance.


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